TO12H and Beyond

The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H has been moving forward at a steady pace. I’ve been going through the edit and working on adding Foley and other SFX elements. I’ve also been adjusting pacing for the final edit on a few shots and locking in on camera positions for export to use in the final animation. All backgrounds are in the final coloring stage and it’s really exciting to watch playback and to see the progress that’s being made.

TO12H | final background art
TO12H | Background art final color a look into the woods.

Beyond TO12H and sitting behind a desk, I’ve started to take the show on the road. A quick retrospective on the two conventions that have happened and that was Paracon and Lehigh Valley Comic Convention | LVCC. Paracon was a great experience and just being able to setup a table and exhibit and meeting people and having the opportunity to do something like that was incredible. Pennhurst State School and Hospital grounds is truly historic there’s history in those walls and throughout the campus.

Pennhurst Paracon - Lehigh Valley Comic con
Pennhurst Paracon – Lehigh Valley Comic Conv.

The experience of exhibiting at a comic con was something I’ve wanted to do for sometime and being able to be apart of Lehigh Valley Comic Convention was really awesome. There’s just a certain vibe to a comic con and LVCC had it from cosplayers to comics to pop culture and I met some really cool and interesting people.

There’s always more and I have some really exciting plans coming up in the near future. For more updates follow jabberstudios. Until next time. – bryan