Animated projects and branded designs.

The projects section will continue to expand, as progress develops in animation and in design.

The line-up - The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H - Urban bigfoot - Tito Broco: Professional Bath


TO12H – Journey into the night with Vincent and his friends and step into the town of Preston Hill and visit the world of The Opposite 12th Hour.

Urban Bigfoot – Hidden in the woods and in between multiple realities is many things and more of a public nuance is an Urban Bigfoot standing a hulking 9′ 1/2″ creature of the foot kind is Leroy and his cryptid friends.

TBPBB – Take a plunge into the water shed world of Copper Kettle, stop in and stay awhile with Tito Broco: Professional Bath Bather and the neighborhood wrecking crew.

Screen Printing

Ink Spill – Let’s go into a world of grizzled, dizzy and charred with creations from the Ink Spill. These screen prints are delivering a bold look into the unknown. The first two introductions to the Ink Spill are Chompsquatch and Arachnivision.