A Continuum of New Things

Let’s first start off with the backgrounds for episode 001 of TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour. All of the hand drawn pencil, ink, and paper drawings are completed for the first episode 001 ECD | Egg Chicken Dragon. I’m looking forward to getting into the next phase of piecing all the art together and getting everything colored and applying motion. As of right now the world is created and it is finally to starting to feel complete even without all of the final animation the vision is there and the creation process is bringing everything to life and it does that.

Paracon 2023 May 20-21 Paracon
A convention of the odd and paranormal

Another really awesome bit of news is I’m taking the show on the road. Jabber Studio is headed to Spring City, Pa for Paracon 2023 on May 20-21. I’m looking forward to trying something new. To find out more about this event visit Pennhurst Asylum.

Let’s get into the screen printed side of things. I’ve screen printed a batch of prints for the Egg Chicken Dragon designs and I’ve also been working on a 2 color print of the TO121H trio design of Vincent, Elisabeth and Sam. The 2 color process has been a trial and error and I’m still trying to get the right technique for that one to work. As long as I don’t run into too many complications I should have some of those ready to go.

Another new print that I tried my hand at was printing up a short stack of coasters with the jabber studios logo as well as a TO12H graphic print. The printing process of the water-based ink was for the most part the same as plastisol with a few different processes but the print results came out looking really sharp.

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