Ink Spill

Ink Spill

A creative expanse of ink spills onto the surface. This is Ink Spill a brand of imagery and a collection of screen prints that will walk to edge of a creative drop off to be greeted death defying fall where an instantaneous burst of imagery take your existence to a rad a unusual zone of being, this is Ink Spill.

From the comforts of the woods the one and only Chompsquatch is making moves. The first batch of this print are on a safety Orange tee with a split fountain of outer black and inner cyan. Chompsquatch is also available as a 9×12 print, each print may have slight variation from one and another and is on a medium heavy cardstock with black acrylic ink.

A static screen flickers with Analog TV noise and a frightening monster feature is on the tube. From behind the TV the image is real but also in your mind. Turn it off before it’s too late or face your 8 legged fear head on. Arachnivision is ready to wear on a prurple tee with a custom blended teal ink. Arachnivison is also available in the print collection as a 9×12 screen print, slight varaitions from one to another. Printed on a medium heavy cardstock with black acrylic ink.

Thanks for stepping into the Ink Spill. -bryan

Ink Spill: Current Print selections


Arachnivision –

Frakenstomp* – (soon to be printed)