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Creating animated and screen printed art to watch and wear.

There’s a lot that goes into crafting animation, from story creation, character development, storyboards, backgrounds and the overall style of the world to logo design, voiceovers and final edit. It’s a journey of various creative processes that all come together to give life to art.

Screen printed designs are another incredible form of art, from sketch to vector to screen. There’s something about putting ink on the screen. From the initial concept and creation stage all the way through the completion of the final print and getting to wear one is always a satisfying experience.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. -bryan

Latest Releases and Events

Pack it up and crank the ignition, it’s time for an Arts & Craft Fair in Lancaster at the Lancaster Medical Heritage Museum. A day full of arts, crafts, bone saws and more.

The Opposite 12th Hour – Intro Theme + Clip are up for viewing, take a watch and enjoy. Subscribe to the channel if you’d like. Thanks for watching. -bryan

The Opposite 12th Hour – Intro Theme + Clip
The Opposite 12th Hour – Intro Theme + Clip (side by side)

First Look a video bouncing around the creative process. It’s also a good watch and I think. -bryan

The Opposite 12th Hour – First Look



It’s a spot in the mind that allows expression to breathe. It’s figuring out the puzzle and drafting a script, getting a thought recorded and elaborating and developing it. Taking the story and producing a visual, sketching a scene or drawing a character, creating a storyboard, finding the voice, animating, and editing, it’s all to deliver the world of a story. 

It’s about being creative and feeding that creation and achieving a satisfying end result and then rinse and repeat, that’s what it’s about.


If you have any questions feel free to jabbersome email. -bryan