The Opposite 12th Hour

First Look – The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H – Animation Demo

It’s here, right here, check it out. Thanks for watching. -bryan

The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H – Logo

The Opposite 12th Hour | Title Card
The Opposite 12th Hour | Logo Title Card

The Opposite 12th Hour | Early Activation teaser | Jabber Studios

The Opposite 12th Hour is an animated dark humorous story following Vincent and his box and the varieties of characters located in the town of Preston Hill.

Release date change 2019… I’m working on it. -bryan

Episode 001 – Egg Chicken Dragon

The Opposite 12th Hour | Script Egg Chicken Dragon
The Opposite 12th Hour | Egg Chicken Dragon

This launch episode 001 – Follows Vincent on his nightly quest to have a late night snack. From the outskirts of town and into the Alternate Circuit and into Alterations Etc. This is where Vincent finds himself bothered by Carl the shopkeeper and is abruptly taken away by time. Vincent’s journey back home is interrupted by old man Lou with a broom. Close to home, get home Vincent, home is where the minimizer is.

Brief realization and why is this taking so long?

The Opposite 12th Hour (TO12H) has been in my creative wheel house since 2015 so at this point in time a bit over 3 years (2018). I thought okay I’ll write six episodes (9-12 pages each, shorts) and have them done in a year, fully produced, written, storyboarded, voiced, animatics, animated and edited. Create some original designs inspired by TO12H and screen print some shirts, that was a another learning curve and another story (but I did it.) Clearly doing all this by yourself just doesn’t happen at that pace, at least not for me. So the six initial scripts grew into eight and at this point rest at ten, with two that need a bit more work with the goal of getting the first five fully finished before I move onto the second half of the series.

Vincent's House
The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H Front of Vincent’s house through the development process.

The first three episodes, all live in animatics. That’s what I’m currently going off of for the cleaned up animation and backgrounds as well as rerecording the voices. Episodes 004 and 005 are done as far as drafts and I’ve recorded and edited the audio track for those and they sound great. 

I look forward to introducing more of the world of The Opposite 12th Hour in the near future. – bryan

About The Logo Design

The design of The Opposite 12th Hour logo is mainly a logotype of graphic in that each character was crafted out of shapes and lines and bezier handles. I was trying to convey a sense of something familiar and nostalgic while aesthetically trying to find the right balance that would distinctly be recognizable to the overall thematic storytelling of The Opposite 12th Hour.