TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour Animation Progress Update

Okay, I know it’s been a long time since the last update. There’s been a lot of things to catch up on, and I will definitely say that this process has been all consuming. And well, there’s things to show. Below are Images from the Intro and the attic scene. We have Elisabeth on a swing, Vincent and the minimizer, old man Lou at home, Uri and the donut, he loves those things and last but not least we have Nikola up in the attic.

Elisabeth on the swing -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Elisabeth on a swing, swinging.
Vincent and the minimizer -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Vincent and the minimizer. It’s time for a snack.
Lou at home -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Old man Lou at home.
Nikola in the attic -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Nikola up in the attic.
Uri and the donut -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Uri loves donuts.

Let’s see what else there is to be shown. There’s a behind the scenes Creative Drive VOD so you can take a look at that, it’s a walkthrough video of how I go through the background coloring process.

Creative Drive – The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H Session 001

As of this posting I’ve been 3 months deep into animation, in the next day or so there will be a release of the Intro and clip, I hope whoever sees it, enjoys it.

There were a bunch of rebuilds for the character rigs that had to happen. So, yep, a lot of time, a lot of time for a 30 seconds of animation and a 20 second clip. We’re talking years and I’m finally getting this piece of the puzzle put in place. What a puzzle and so much has been involved to get to this point.

The conclusion and the next step. More there’s always more. So I will continue to create more and at some point the full episode 001 Egg, Chicken, Dragon | ECD will be completed and released. Thanks for reading the update, until next time. -bryan