Toys, Comics, and Quack Medicine

Let’s see what was. Toys, comics, and an excellent buffalo chicken wrap, that was the Zolocon 2023 Halloween Show in a nutshell. I should prefaced a nut allergy warning. But Zolocon is a cool collectible show with a lot of cool items, from a lot of great vendors.

Next we had a interesting show in a Medical Museum that was the Lancaster Heritage Medical Museum for an Arts and Craft show, a first time show put on at the Museum and it was a fine show, saw some wood, a section for quack medicine and a tooth key. Medical history had some crude roots and quack medicine and then to where it is today and the Museum has a lot of interesting history to see.

Now to where things are currently, I’m wrapping up the last several of the backgrounds for the TO12H project. I’m also working on a few more designs for the Ink spill line. There’s more in the works. Until next time. -bryan

Keeping It Moving!

Here we are again with another recap and update. I’m keeping it moving. There’s been another exciting few past events with Hell House Paracon and then to cap off the end of Septemeber we had a Block Party.

Hell House Paracon in Lehighton, Pa was an incredible experience. An iconic movie location seen in Hell House LLC., as well as haunted attraction known as the Waldorf Estate of Fear. This Paracon was a very intimate experience with a lot of growth potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future and this was also where Chompsquatch made his first appearance in the wild.

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A Swirling Vortex Portal

A Swirling Vortex Portal – The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H

Another session of Creative Drive is ready for viewing. In this session watch as I work on creating elemental animation of the vortex portal, created (fbf) frame by frame for the first episode of The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H. The box turn and box tilt were created and rigged and animated using bone dials. I thought the creation process definitely came out looking really good, have a watch if you’d like. Until next time. -bryan

Creative Drive, Etsy and more…

Hello again. I am back with another update, this time it is about a new Creative Drive video. This Creative Drive looks into the breakdown and process that went into making the opening animation. I know the animation has been done for quite awhile, I just wanted to give some perspective on how it was made. So that’s what I did, have a watch I think it came looking fine.

Creative Drive – Opening Animation Breakdown + Time-lapse

Etsy? Yes indeed I have officially released the screen prints for The Opposite 12th Hour. The designs include the main logo graphic The Opposite 12th Hour, ECD | Egg Chicken Dragon, ULD | Uri Loves Donuts and the OPB | Onioodles Pop-up Box and there’s also a really cool TO12H acrylic pin over on the Etsy shop too, so check that out if you’d like. Setting up the Etsy shop has been something I’ve been looking forward to doing, if you like any of the items, the shirts are screen printed by hand by me. The pins were not made by me, but they were designed by me and so are the packing cards they are attached to.

One more thing of note is Instagram. I’m going to try and release more images and possibly some video over on the Instagram page. It definitely has been a very busy time and I think that is good. With this update I’d like to thank everyone who has seen The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H Intro Theme + Clip “This is Horrible” and the other video of the side by side. Until next time. -bryan

TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour Animation Progress Update

Okay, I know it’s been a long time since the last update. There’s been a lot of things to catch up on, and I will definitely say that this process has been all consuming. And well, there’s things to show. Below are Images from the Intro and the attic scene. We have Elisabeth on a swing, Vincent and the minimizer, old man Lou at home, Uri and the donut, he loves those things and last but not least we have Nikola up in the attic.

Elisabeth on the swing -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Elisabeth on a swing, swinging.
Vincent and the minimizer -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Vincent and the minimizer. It’s time for a snack.
Lou at home -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Old man Lou at home.
Nikola in the attic -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Nikola up in the attic.
Uri and the donut -TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
Uri loves donuts.

Let’s see what else there is to be shown. There’s a behind the scenes Creative Drive VOD so you can take a look at that, it’s a walkthrough video of how I go through the background coloring process.

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Up in the Attic.

Now back to the show. I’ve been up in the attic working on things, I’ve been inking lines, crafting the tone of the color palette and setting up all of the shots for the upper most part of the house. There’s an image below to get a look into the attic. I still have a lot left to do, but I’ve also gotten a lot done. Currently all of the backgrounds have been finalized for the opening 27 shots for the 30 second intro sequence, I touched on that a bit before, there’s a theme song for TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour. All of the opening shots are assembled with the parallaxing backgrounds and any of the additional animation i.e. elemental and environmental are complete. Then there’s also character animation that needs to get rigged and animated and plugged back into the final shots, so that should be fun.

Nikola Attic Intro Comparison
TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour – Nikola’s attic background art design

The attic sequence has turned into a lofty bit and I’ve been chipping away at it in two parts. The first half of the attic sequence is what I attend on releasing in a showcase piece with the intro animation that will establish the overall feel of the style, world, and characters.

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Make Something Up.

A brief reflection so far on the stream and the sessions of Creative Drive. A few months had gone into planning and preparing the idea of producing a stream to create art and to do it live and now it’s happening.

All of the pieces were created and all of the tests had been run. The opening animation that plays after the starting soon visual took a month to produce. The name itself was in flux until I decided on Creative Drive. I sketched out a few images of the wordage and I settled on a design that I had inked, I scanned it, I made it digital and that’s the logo as it is now with both variations. I had worked on creating and producing each of the music tracks that have been incorporated with the holding screens, starting, pausing, stream over etc… Figuring out the cameras for the drawing table and how to get the OBS and the Deckboard app and all of those components to work. The swipe transitions and the overlays were created and a last minute decision to do rotating logos were added as well. I wanted something that would be very encompassing in quality and craft of both from a sound design and visual design approach to the entirety of the presentation.

Now there was a question I needed to the answer for myself and that was, what now? Are you sure you want to start streaming? Click yes. And there we go, that was it. That was the answer. The inner feeling of stage fright of performing and to begin with no material. Just go in and make something up. That’s what you do. Go do it.

So that’s what I did, I wanted to pursue all of the phases from the conception of the idea through the mundane and tedious moments of creation all the way to the final awe moments of completion of the art. Project BCM (Botanical Commandical Mechanical) is the the first project that is being created through these sessions. So far so good, stop by and take a Creative Drive. Until next time. -bryan