Still Up in the Attic!

Well, hello, hello, hello… The saga continues on this journey of TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour. Catching up on what’s what, well, I’ve finished music production for the intro so that’s progress. Finding the right tone ended up being a process of it’s own, but in the end I got something that fits. Scene 7 has been tightened in the edit to give it better pacing, the edit doesn’t differ much from the initial cut, but it definitely helps. I had also gone back through the animatic and recreated the camera cuts and focal lengths in 3D and then based my sketches after those cuts, same idea if you’re sketching from Still Life.

Up in the Attic! TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour
TO12H – Attic! COLOR – INK – 3D

So what’s happening now? Currently I’m still on backgrounds, sketching, redrawing and inking and I’ve continued with those at a steady pace for the first episode (Egg Chicken Dragon.) Those backgrounds include the second half of scene 7 that is the attic as well exterior shots for sequence 5 and they’re coming together nicely.

Then there’s been time spent on color referencing and color matching the backgrounds to keep continuity as the angles cut back and forth to bring all the shots together. As for the clip release it will be ready when it’s ready. I still have to finish character animation, complete the rigs, lip synch dialogue and then I’ll need to replace the placeholders and it should be good to go. The next update will hopefully be more exciting. So get ready, prepare the popcorn and wait for it to get cold. Until next time. -bryan