The Long Wait, Is Over!!!

This is HUGE. It has finally happened, the long promised and vaguely seen glimpses of The Opposite 12th Hour has finally arrived in it’s animated form. I am very excited, this was a lot of work to get to this point and here we are. There are not just one, but two version of the Intro + clip. Yes there are indeed two versions of TO12H goodness, and both are as equally as delicious.

The Opposite 12th Hour – Intro Theme + Clip

The opening theme takes a look into the characters and locations that are nestled inside of the world of Preston Hill where The Opposite 12th Hour takes place. We meet Vincent who pulls a box and unravels. Then there’s Sam his friend, and we have our ghost named Elisabeth who inhabits Vincent’s house, once her house. There’s old man Lou who is not fond of kids or Vincent. Then we have location set pieces of Vincent’s house and Sam’s house and offsite locations left in disrepair.

The clip “This Is Horrible” features Nikola (Vincent’s dad) and Uri a small-mini, mini-small unicorn with a compulsive need to stay fueled on the nectar of donuts and other sweets. As we venture into attic, we find Nikola working on flavors for his hot sauces, sweet sauces and barbeque sauces. But the current batch of sauce seems to be rubbish and that is why this is horrible.

Please enjoy the Intro Theme + Clip “This Is Horrible” featuring Nikola and Uri from the scene up in the attic.

The Opposite 12th Hour – Intro Theme + Clip (side by side)

Side by side is basically just that, it is a side by side comparison to the animatic. The animatic was all drawn my hand and cut apart and reassembled in the edit. Some shots have varied but for most part this is the blue print I follow as I create the animation. As can be seen in the Animatic is very to little detail, just a slice of an idea and then populating that idea to a full vision is a long process and trying to find a style for that vision took time and realizing that the white space needed a world to be drawn was a far underestimated journey in itself.


Until next time. -bryan