TO12H Background Art

TO12H background art is almost out of the weeds and that is awesome news. As of right now the current background count stands at fifteen pieces left for final pencil and or final ink for scenes two and four.

Scene 2 is a series of interior shots for Alterations Etc. and there are roughly twelve backgrounds that need to be finalized with cleaned pencil drawings and final inking. These shots are all highly detailed and are comprised of multiple layers of shop items and worn in objects to bring the setting to life.

TO12H Alterations Etc. background art from episode 001
TO12H scene 2 Alterations Etc. Register episode 001

Scene 4 is a series of different camera angles of the exterior location of old man Lou’s house. I’m down to the last 3 backgrounds for that scene, with the cleaned pencil drawings and final inking is still needed.

TO12H Lou's House background art from episode 001
TO12H scene 4 Lou’s House Shrubbery wide episode 001

Thanks for taking an interest in the production process of TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour, it means a lot. As the background art for episode 001 ECD | Egg Chicken Dragon comes to an end, the journey will continue and things are going to keep getting better. To see more follow on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube and share with anyone who might like what I do. Thank you for reading and looking around, until next time. -bryan