Toys, Comics, and Quack Medicine

Let’s see what was. Toys, comics, and an excellent buffalo chicken wrap, that was the Zolocon 2023 Halloween Show in a nutshell. I should prefaced a nut allergy warning. But Zolocon is a cool collectible show with a lot of cool items, from a lot of great vendors.

Next we had a interesting show in a Medical Museum that was the Lancaster Heritage Medical Museum for an Arts and Craft show, a first time show put on at the Museum and it was a fine show, saw some wood, a section for quack medicine and a tooth key. Medical history had some crude roots and quack medicine and then to where it is today and the Museum has a lot of interesting history to see.

Now to where things are currently, I’m wrapping up the last several of the backgrounds for the TO12H project. I’m also working on a few more designs for the Ink spill line. There’s more in the works. Until next time. -bryan

TO12H Background Art

TO12H background art is almost out of the weeds and that is awesome news. As of right now the current background count stands at fifteen pieces left for final pencil and or final ink for scenes two and four.

Scene 2 is a series of interior shots for Alterations Etc. and there are roughly twelve backgrounds that need to be finalized with cleaned pencil drawings and final inking. These shots are all highly detailed and are comprised of multiple layers of shop items and worn in objects to bring the setting to life.

TO12H Alterations Etc. background art from episode 001
TO12H scene 2 Alterations Etc. Register episode 001
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Climbing Up Hill!

Hello, once again. I’m back with another long awaited posting. As the up hill climb continues on The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H I’ve been getting the intro into a good place to finish the remaining shots with the backgrounds and animation. I’ve also taken to the sky to map out a large portion of Preston Hill and it’s surrounding areas. So everything I had in my head has been sketched out with topography, I got a map. A lot of what needs to get finished is getting there, everything is looking good and moving forward.

Vincent's House
Vincent’s house the aptly named Blurrium Estate – Sketch animatic, 3D mock up, final ink and color.

The next steps are to wrap up the 20 plus backgrounds for the intro and the preview scene, as well as getting all of the characters rigged and animated for both of the sequences. Then from there continue to get the rest of episode 001 Egg Chicken Dragon completed.

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Mega Up!

Mega mega up, The Opposite 12th Hour is moving along at a steady pace I’m currently reworking backgrounds, I’ll have some new stills and animated content releasing soon. I also wanted to give another up, another big up as to what the second project is. The second entry is that of the one and only Tito Broco: Professional Bath Bather, you can check out the title logo over on that page to gain some insight, until next time.

On a side note, as I’m still building my machine, I will be adding content on youtube and twitter as well as few other platforms. If you would kindly follow and subscribe, I’d appreciate it. – bryan