TO12H Piecing It Together

The production process continues and so do the backgrounds. First off, scene 4 has been completed which was a big step to wrap up the exterior shots of old man Lou’s house. All of those shots have been inked, scanned, and cleaned and I’ve begun dropping in the color palette and piecing it together. I had two additional shots from the same scene and for whatever reason one of the last shots kept giving me problems with the angles, everything I tried just wasn’t producing the look that I needed. Instead of fighting resistance on an angle I was stuck at, I decided to go with another technique and I decided to print out the 3D model and copy over the reference image and draw in the details, problem solved.

TO12H Lou's House background art from episode 001
TO12H scene 4 Lou’s House Closeup episode 001

The next step is to continue working on drawing the final pack of backgrounds and scene elements for scene 2 of Alterations Etc. From the beginning of episode 001, I knew the interior shots were going to be intricate to draw and piece together. A lot is going on inside the structure including the float room, the ceiling portals, and the several dozen items stocked throughout the shop. The first half of the scene has been completed for some time now and the second half of scene 2 is a little over 30 seconds and there are 23 camera cuts to tell that bit of the visual story.

TO12H Alterations Etc. background art from episode 001
TO12H scene 2 Alterations Etc. End Stand Vortex Portal Ingress Egress Area episode 001

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