Let’s Go!

Let’s go! It’s time again for another update to see how things are going with The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H. The background process continues and I’ve been working on background art for scenes five and one.

Scene five is comprised of a series of exterior shots of Vincent’s house. All of the final timing has been mapped out, and camera moves and character placeholders have been added to the final edit.

Front Porch angle scene 5 TO12H episode 001
TO12H scene 5 episode 001 | ECD closeup background art

Scene 5 also had a bit of frame by frame (fbf) animation worked on for one of the shots where the front door swinging open and then creaks back to a closed position. Those 14 frames took a week to animate and complete. There was the sketch phase in Clip Studio Paint to just get started. Once the sketching was done, it was then onto cleaning up the sketched lines and making those lines look like the original inked drawing and adding in the detail lines. Then there was a color matching phase on a separate animation layer and then there was a and a third (glass) and a fourth (outline) layer. After all of those steps, we then have a final functioning door animation.

TO12H front door animation scene 5 episode 001
Front door animation from scene 5 TO12H – episode 001 | ECD

As for scene 1, I’ve just recently finished up working on the final background art for the middle six shots. In this scene we are first introduced to Vincent as he ventures out into woods on his nightly journey to find a pop-up Onioodles box that contains a vortex portal inside.

Background art, drawing from scene 1 production TO12H
Background art, drawing from scene 1 TO12H – episode 001 | ECD

There are 10 shots in that sequence that produce an interesting faux camera wrap-around effect as Vincent passes underneath the Alterations etc. sign. As of now I have been working on the layer breakdowns and separation of each of those backgrounds so they can get cleaned up and colored.

Thank you for stopping by and getting updated ln where things currently are with The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H, until next time. -bryan