Keeping It Moving!

Here we are again with another recap and update. I’m keeping it moving. There’s been another exciting few past events with Hell House Paracon and then to cap off the end of Septemeber we had a Block Party.

Hell House Paracon in Lehighton, Pa was an incredible experience. An iconic movie location seen in Hell House LLC., as well as haunted attraction known as the Waldorf Estate of Fear. This Paracon was a very intimate experience with a lot of growth potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future and this was also where Chompsquatch made his first appearance in the wild.

The Myerstown Block Party was an event that had everything a Block Party should have and more. I had a great time meeting a lot of new people and I got to move some shirts in pizza boxes so that was a cool and I also got to premiere a new design of a giant spider materializing from out of TV set, that is Arachnivision.

As I briefly touched on in the above passages I’ve been working on designs for the Ink Spill print collection featuring Chompsquatch and Arachnivision. This line of prints is exciting and I’m kicking around a couple more designs to add to the collection.

TO12H continues to move forward and I’m making steady progress with that and something substantial should be on it’s way soon. There’s still more to be done but the key is in moving forward and getting it done. Until next time. -bryan