Climbing Up Hill!

Hello, once again. I’m back with another long awaited posting. As the up hill climb continues on The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H I’ve been getting the intro into a good place to finish the remaining shots with the backgrounds and animation. I’ve also taken to the sky to map out a large portion of Preston Hill and it’s surrounding areas. So everything I had in my head has been sketched out with topography, I got a map. A lot of what needs to get finished is getting there, everything is looking good and moving forward.

Vincent's House
Vincent’s house the aptly named Blurrium Estate – Sketch animatic, 3D mock up, final ink and color.

The next steps are to wrap up the 20 plus backgrounds for the intro and the preview scene, as well as getting all of the characters rigged and animated for both of the sequences. Then from there continue to get the rest of episode 001 Egg Chicken Dragon completed.

Tito Broco: Professional Bath Bather
Concept art and 3D render of the new location for Tito Broco PBB as well as the character from paper to digital

For something a bit different I’ve been brought back into the world of Tito Broco: Professional Bath Bather | TBPBB it’s definitely an interesting story and concept to dive into. I’ve created a large 3D build of Tito Broco’s surroundings and it looks incredible. His habitat, a place to do what it is that he does. What does he do? He’s a brand ambassador for his bath and his bath water. There’s more to it then that, but more on that at a later time.

Even more projects are queued in the development pipeline. I’ve been working on several new story ideas with new concept art, sketches and logos that have been created. Be sure to come back again for more exciting updates.

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