Trying something new.

Growth and trying something new. I had made a mention in the previous post about the Intro Theme + Clip for The Opposite 12th Hour, but if you’ve haven’t watched it, it’ll only take a minute and let me know what you think.

The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H – Intro Theme + Clip

The process and overall timeline, ended up working out well. I know personally the clip runs a bit short but to get out when I wanted, I had to compromise. I think it works fine as an actual sampling of things to come.

Over on Instagram I have been adding additional content and I will continue to post behind the scenes, and the continuing production photos and video over there. I want to go into the archive and see what sort of storyboard footage I can pull together.

Jabber Studios on Etsy
Jabber Studios on Etsy

Another big announcement is the Etsy shop is now open. I’ve been adding different items to the shop. The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H print collection is over there, consisting of The Opposite 12th Hour logo, Egg Chicken Dragon, Uri Loves Donuts, and the Onioodles Pop-up Box. The trio of Vincent, Elisabeth and Sam appear on an acrylic pin. There are also some unique short run items like a vinyl decal pack with The Opposite 12th Hour logo, Egg Chicken Dragon graphic and dual layered Onioodles Pop-up Box. Another unique item is a first edition / limited edition flipbook I made by hand and it was a tireless pursuit, but it’s definitely an awesome flipbook and it’s dual sided. Front side, Vincent reraveling through the portal over at Alt. Etc. and on the reverse it is the box flip.

I’ll be dropping more items as they develop, so stop on over and take a look. Please consider following on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube and share with anyone who might like what I do. Thanks for reading and looking around, until next time. -bryan