Quick Up Big Up!

The animation production process is a lengthy pool to swim in and it’s been a lot longer then I’ve planned on. I’ve been getting backgrounds complete for the intro theme and other sequences of the first episode which I’ve been scanning into the system and cleaning up.

I put together a simple build of Vincent’s house (crude render) in 3D and the one camera that I have setup can travel thru the 3 main levels of the house and it looks really amazing. It should be quite helpful for future reference it’s all good stuff.

The character builds are on there way and they’re coming out looking really good, I still have rigs and dials to setup and multiple other actions but they’re getting there.

Here’s a cryptic preview of character production for Sam, Elisabeth, and Vincent, and a 3D mock layout of Vincent’s room and a picture of dinner.

The Opposite 12th Hour | TO12H

Cryptic Trio
Sam. Elisabeth. Vincent.
3D realm mock-up Vincent’s room.
It’s not a dinner? But this is a dinner.

Until next time, I’ll see you soon. -bryan