Catching Up with TO12H: Moving Pieces!

Lou's House Intro Comparison
Background art design – old man Lou’s house

Let’s get caught up and see what’s good and how things are going within the world of TO12H | The Opposite 12th Hour. All of the pieces are being moved into place, there’s a lot of moving pieces. I’ve amassed all the backgrounds for the opening intro theme and I’m finalizing each one of them now and look amazing, the background process is a tedious process, but it’s worth it. I’m now on final clean up and coloring and placing them back into the edit for final animation.

What’s next, I have another checklist compiled with what needs to be completed for each shot and each character for animation per shot. I’m going down the list and back up the list, it’s a list.

The animation process at least for this part of the episode and the project is a balance of different animation techniques with character builds with bounded rigs and hand drawn scans with rig attachments for subtle movements and frame by frame animation for others. It’s a working concept of techniques that achieve a very immersive piece of animation/art. I am very excited to get this finished and released. Until next time. -bryan