Big Up! Release the Silence

Hello, hello… Deep breath, hold it, hold it, release the silence. Now here’s a semi-brief update. Let me tell you what’s happening with The Opposite 12th Hour, I’ve been sketching and inking, scanning, cleaning up and coloring. Basically I’ve been creating backgrounds for the next release sequence of episode 001. 

The sequence itself is a good introductory lead-in to set the tone for The Opposite 12th Hour. It’s a lot more ambitious and more tedious of a process than I had foreseen in creating all of the line art for the backgrounds. The initial teaser was a trial attempt to see what style would fit the look I was going for. Here’s a sample look of one of the backgrounds with a comparison of the animatic still and the final look. Be back soon, until next time. – bryan

The Opposite 12th Hour background preview comparison image from animatic to final look