Things are looking Big Up!

It’s that time again for an up! I’ve been plugging away as normal and things are looking big up. I’ve re-recorded clean audio tracks and I’ve been jumping around in the launch episode with more time spent on the backgrounds and getting assets ready for the opening intro theme song. That’s right The Opposite 12th Hour has a theme song and it’s catchy.

I even got excited over a door, I know, it’s a door, but look at that door.

Doorway Preview
It’s a door.

I’ve also worked on a few 3D mock-ups in blender for Vincent’s room and I finished a 3D layout for Sam’s room too. The 3D mock builds come in handy, they also add an extra step into the fray, but it’s definitely worth it. To be able to see if certain camera angles that I had drawn would in actuality line up and be true to the the reality of 3D space, it’s helped out a lot for cross reference.

It’s all very exciting stuff, much more to come. Until next time. -bryan