Make Something Up.

A brief reflection so far on the stream and the sessions of Creative Drive. A few months had gone into planning and preparing the idea of producing a stream to create art and to do it live and now it’s happening.

All of the pieces were created and all of the tests had been run. The opening animation that plays after the starting soon visual took a month to produce. The name itself was in flux until I decided on Creative Drive. I sketched out a few images of the wordage and I settled on a design that I had inked, I scanned it, I made it digital and that’s the logo as it is now with both variations. I had worked on creating and producing each of the music tracks that have been incorporated with the holding screens, starting, pausing, stream over etc… Figuring out the cameras for the drawing table and how to get the OBS and the Deckboard app and all of those components to work. The swipe transitions and the overlays were created and a last minute decision to do rotating logos were added as well. I wanted something that would be very encompassing in quality and craft of both from a sound design and visual design approach to the entirety of the presentation.

Now there was a question I needed to the answer for myself and that was, what now? Are you sure you want to start streaming? Click yes. And there we go, that was it. That was the answer. The inner feeling of stage fright of performing and to begin with no material. Just go in and make something up. That’s what you do. Go do it.

So that’s what I did, I wanted to pursue all of the phases from the conception of the idea through the mundane and tedious moments of creation all the way to the final awe moments of completion of the art. Project BCM (Botanical Commandical Mechanical) is the the first project that is being created through these sessions. So far so good, stop by and take a Creative Drive. Until next time. -bryan

What Up Stream?

Things are continuing to move along at a steady pace, there’s new animation and new graphical overlays that are being designed and put into place. Clanging paperclips and sloshing water? That’s right I’ve been dabbling around in some Foley SFX to animated visual cues, it’s been fun coming up with sounds and using different techniques to add weight to the shots. Then on the other side of the sound gamut, I’ve been producing multiple music tracks that are going to be used for the new project. A new project? A question to answer another question. What up stream?

Jabber Studios | Creative Drive - Demo
Jabber Studios | Creative Drive on

That’s right, I’m getting a live stream ready to go and I invite you to join me as I take a “Creative Drive.” I’ve been looking forward to making this happen for some time and I think I got everything on the tech-side figured out and ready to go. It’s something new and something out of the old comfort zone. It’s going to be an ongoing process that will change and evolve as things tend to do, but you got to take a step before you begin a journey.

So that’s what’s been happening behind the curtain. There you be, there it goes and I’ll be seeing you soon. Head on over to the twitch channel and hit the follow button to get notifications of when I’m going live. Until next time. -bryan