Events 2024

Lehigh Valley Comic Con | Allentown Fairgrounds Agri-Plex | April 13th 2024

Under the roof of a historic Event Venue, is the world of ink and story delivered in word balloons. This is the Lehigh Valley Comic Con at the Allentown Fairgrounds in the Agri-Plex.

Events 2023

Pack it up and crank the ignition, it’s time for an Arts & Craft Fair in Lancaster at the Lancaster Medical Heritage Museum. A day full of arts, crafts, bone saws and more.

Journey through the foliage load up the family Truckster and it’s time for Zolocon Halloween Show at The Riverbend Venue of Millersburg. Dauphin county’s largest comic and toy expo stop by and check it out.

It’s a go for an event in the streets. It’s time for a Block Party and if you’re in the area stop by and it check out and see what’s good at the Myerstown Block Party.

Hell House Paracon an event that brings the world of the paranormal alive. Located in the dense woods and wilderness of Pennsylvania resides and old building boarded up and waiting for visitors. Knock, knockā€¦ You’ve arrive at the Waldorf Estate of Fear.

Harrisburg Comic and Pop Con powered by @fourstatecomiccon if you’re looking for an amazing time packed with proton packs and Jurassic transportation then get in the car or get in the chopper and stop by and check out the con.

Heading out and going to Natsukashii Con an anime convention in Gettysburg, Pa.

Heading back on the road and into the woods for the Central PA Bigfoot & Cryptid Festival in Elysburg, PA

Jabber Studios is on the road June 10th for Lehigh Valley Comic Convention in Schnecksville, PA.

Jabber Studios will be at Paracon in Spring City, PA – May 20-21 at Pennhurst.