Big Up!!

How many big ups does it take to get to the middle of a Jabber Studios release the world may never know. With this update I would like to say there will be new content released for The Opposite 12th Hour within a few weeks. I’ve currently been working on character rigs and turnarounds, and I got to get a jump on backgrounds, I have a whole list of things to do. I’m a big fan of presentation, I suppose that’s why it’s taking so long to release things, but I’m trying.

Wait one more thing, the second project I’m working on was, is still in the pipeline, I planned on a release of some sort last month. I made a lot of progress in world creation and story development and then I ended up switching projects to activate The Opposite 12th Hour, but next week I’ll release some more info on that project, again with trepidation so, I’ll say hopefully release some info. Until next time, that is all.